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Minaquinahan Muscovado Mill in Bacacay, Albay

During the late 19th Century, the barrio called San Pedro in Bacacay, Albay had a vast sugarcane plantation. The produced sugarcane was processed in a muscovado mill located along the Bayandong River located in the said barrio. The vast sugarcane plantation and the muscovado mill was owned by Eleuterio Velarde. The produced muscovado was brought to the port of barrio Pili and loaded to a parao for distribution to retailers in the locality. However, the parao would capsize on reaching the Sula Channel and this caused Eleuterio to become bankrupt and sold his sugarcane estate and muscovado mill to Felipe Rivera. Felipe had a daughter named Maria Rivera who was married to Emeterio Bes. Later on, Felipe sold the muscovado mill to Emeterio. Upon owning the sugarcane plantation, Emeterio gave one-eighth of a hectare to several people to encourage them settle in barrio San Pedro for the purpose of making it into a visita. Because of the said settlements in barrio San Pedro, there was a time

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