Corregidor Island Lighthouse

The Corregidor Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located on Corregidor Island in Cavite City, Cavite. The establishment of a lighthouse station on the island of Corregidor was recommended in the year 1835 during the administration of Governor Pascual Enrile y Alcedo. Its construction was not authorized until 1846 with the passing of Royal Order of April 14 by the Spanish Government. The lighthouse was completed in 1853.

On January 18, 1853, notice to mariners were released announcing the start of service on February 1, 1853 for the second-order light on Corregidor, together with the fourth-order light on Caballo Island. Both lighthouses were equipped with lighting apparatus from Henry Lepaute of Paris. 

During the American Colonial Period repairs were done to rehabilitate the dwellings and tower, and a bamboo fence was erected. The main construction works in 1903 were renovating the old buildings, and the construction of new quarters for the light station.

The island was heavily bombed during the fight for liberation from the Japanese at the end of WWII, leaving every building in the island in ruins. The lighthouse did not survive the bombardment. Around the 1950s, the lighthouse was rebuilt using some of the original stones from the ruins.


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